Thursday, May 14, 2009

#16 and some words

here's yesterday's drawing...a tiling, yet again. yay!
1) b and i have been married for three months! and we have been a couple for almost four years...that is kind of crazy (in an extremely awesome way) to think about. :)
2) on tuesday i noticed that the grout between the floor tiles in the kitchen was looking pretty gross. yesterday i scrubbed it, with a toothbrush and vinegar-water.
3) also yesterday, i bought a dress from target for $6.25. even if it falls apart (which it inevitably will- the clothes at target are made with the fabric equivalent of tissue paper), i can use the pieces to make a pattern for a dress of the same style.
4) i am reading (listening to) "a free life" by ha jin. it's about a fictional chinese couple and their son who live in the u.s. and what it's like for them- their relationship with and attitudes toward china and their family/former lives there, their work situation, interacting with their community, and so on. in some ways, it's incredibly boring and mundane- the author goes into sometimes excruciating detail about minor events that seemingly have no relevance and progress the plot in no way. but in a way, that makes the story enjoyable, too. i read another one of jin's novels, "waiting", a few years ago, and it was very much in the same style, so i knew what to expect. both books centered around a male character (who ages considerably during the story) of good integrity and work ethic, and his relationship with two women, his child/ren, his work, and his own thoughts about education, government, and literature (which plays an important role in each book as a place of solace and inspiration). it reminds me a little of "the good earth". but i'm only about half way through it...i really don't know what to expect for the chapters to come.
5) sometimes idiomatic sayings look really weird written/typed out. like...well, hmmm. i can't think of any right now, but usually when i put them in, say, an email, it just starts to look really weird and i end up writing something else instead.
6) for some reason (maybe just curiosity), yesterday i began compiling a list of every videogame i have ever played. it was fun- ah, nostalgia.

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