Friday, May 22, 2009

le tres random!

1) i have been shirking my daily drawings. saaaad. i think i actually kind of burned myself out. but i've still been pursuing creative things this past week- got some prints made of my work at kinkos, made a few pairs of earrings, and finished a couple other little projects that have been on the back-burner for a while.

2) i just remembered a song from 4-H camp. it started like this: if i were not at 4-h camp, this is what i'd be! if i were not at 4-h caaaaaaaaaamp, a _____ i'd be! and then a little slogan-type thing from that "job", which was, of course, shouted more so than sung. my favorite was: if i were not at 4-h camp, this is what i'd be! if i were not at 4-h caaaaaaaaaamp, a carpenter i'd be! SIX! BY FOUR! YOU NAIL IT TO THE FLOOR! *BANG!* one of the other things "i'd be" was a poultry farmer or something like that (help me out here, marls and kel)- after which we shouted KILL THE CHICKEN! KILL THE CHICKEN! WRING ITS LITTLE NECK! *SQUAWK!* that was back in middle school. i wonder if they still sing that part. i remember some of my friends being a tad nauseated by it. meh! the only other one i can remember was "stewardess" (kinda weird- it was a co-ed camp...): "coffee, tea, or me, sir? here's your little bag. *BLAHGHG*" not very appropriate, now that i think about it...(do you remember any of the others?)

another favorite was SHARK ATTACK! doot-dooo doot-doot doot-doooo! accompanied by screaming and running around :) i often returned home from a week of camp with a raw throat from so much shouting. can you believe that? ;)

3) a new sleep-quote from bart!: "aw man, the quality control was back there! d'oh!"

4) bad idea: white tile floors. they never, ever look or stay clean. i guess the only good thing about white tile is that, unlike nasty white linoleum (hopefully no one out there is particularly attached to their white linoleum floors), it won't scratch or stain over time. my family in NY used to have white linoleum flooring in the kitchen, but this was a notably bad idea because the kitchen is a main thoroughfair (???) and in places like potsdam, which is to say, places where they sand the roads in winter, easily-scuffable flooring has about as much a chance for survival as...well, anyway, the floor looked really bad. when i was in ninth grade, we had it redone (and it looks awesome...wait- am i gushing about linoleum flooring??). shortly before that, though, my mom and my brother michael and i sat on the floor and drew allllll over it in permanent marker. so awesome!

5) bart just told me about this website: it arms you with valuable information for when you can safely "run pee" during a movie at the theater and not miss anything super awesome.

6) happy long weekend!


Anonymous said...

The one that I always remember is " electrician I would be. AC-DC *BRAAAAA*" (where the second part is the sound of someone being electrocuted).

It always surprises me how ubiquitous camp songs are!

Karen M.

Jordy said...

indeed! My favorites included birdwatcher: "Hark, a lark, flying through the park!"

and lamppost:

and similarly, a log:
(falls over).

Of course, these were from a completely different song, one which went, "If I weren't a boy scout..." :-)

Alida said...

Hilarious! thanks for the laugh!

All of my camp songs seemed to be church songs - Father Abraham and Who Built the Ark? etc. etc. All somehow involving running around and yelling loudly. Yours sound much more humorous. hehe.

Marli said...

Hahahahahaha The chicken one was Butcher I would be! Those are the 3 I always remember too.

Shark Attach has me laughing, because my frisbee team (The Stack that Smiles Back), has begun singing (at my instigation) "Stack Attach Doo-Doo Doo Doo de-Doo" with the shark motions.