Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1. facebook is dangerously distracting. do you ever log on with some purpose in mind and then find yourself reading someone's wall only to snap back to reality and have no idea why you logged on in the first place?

2. running at 430pm > running before 430pm.

3. my room is like the inside of a volcano: hot, bright and red. except, actually, it's quite dim because i have the blinds closed to try to keep the sunlight that would pour in from saturating the dark carpet with heat.

4. just finished listening to "the stolen child", and for some reason i can't quite articulate, i feel it was a giant waste of time. now i'm listening to harry potter book 4! woohoo!

5. thanksgiving? in a week??! eegads. i mean, yay...but eegads.

6. times new roman. yes.

7. word wars = the king of kong = wordplay. if you can think about donkey kong and crossword puzzles while watching the first one (about scrabble (addicts)), you can save yourself a lot of time. three documentaries in one! ;)

8. the end. goodnight!


Bart said...

it's true about those documentaries.

Alida said...

Running? Do we have another runner in the family :)

DM said...

King of Kong was nuts. I don't think I could handle seeing one about Scrabble players.