Tuesday, November 18, 2008

and now for some content

1. venue- CHECK! yay! i feel so much lighter! (it may have something to do with the several hundred dollars i've been "relieved" of...)

2. e. fay jones (1921-2004)- a magnificent architect. he trained under frank lloyd wright, and so their styles are in many ways very similar. when i think of jones, though, i think of taller, somewhat more angular structures- wright, minus the sky-scrapers, tended to make sprawling or somewhat more squat buildings (or flatter rooves). that's just my impression, though. something funny that i just noticed is that i (and several of my readers) have friends who recently married - her last name was jones and his is wright. anyway, the church pictured in the wikipedia article on jones is one of my favorite of his creations (thorncrown chapel). i have a book where they show the interior of the church at night, all lit up. one of the pictures showed one of the walls, with the lights from the other wall reflecting at even intervals in the glass of the wall pictured, and the re-reflection of the lights on the wall pictured that were reflected to the opposite wall and re-reflected in the opposite one again. hard to describe. but it was really pretty, and talk about genius and astounding attention to detail. another funny-ish story: i hadn't heard of jones before finding a book of his work at barnes and noble or something, and i was slightly unsure for a while as to whether or not they were a he or a she, cos i mean, "fay" is pretty much a girls' name, but given the time period, i figured it was probably a guy. things were complicated when i found a picture of the architect with their spouse, who was nick-named "gus". not very helpful. so it turns out that the "e" stands for euine (U-wan, the welsh form of "john"), but that was too much trouble. his wife's actual name was mary elizabeth.

3. the end!