Monday, November 3, 2008


1- i want another cupcake!

2- i found a free bookshelf on the curb this weekend! it barely fit in bart's fit, but we managed it and carted it up to my house where it is now clean and doing a fabulous job of keeping my entire life organized :)

3- it is still cloudy!

4- i have been an emailing machine this morning! still have about a half dozen emails to write (a couple of them longish), plus two letters. i shall reward myself (because food should always be used as a reward!) with another cupcake after finishing the emails, and another after writing the letters, and then another after reading up on election stuff. and then i will be fat! (and almost out of cupcakes.)

5- writing blogposts is a wonderful way to procrastinate!

5.5- i like ending sentences with exclamation points!

6- i should clarify my views on halloween and why it is yuck. dressing up in costumes is fun, getting free candy is fun, seeing mass-marketed plastic things representing the tortured remains of human beings hanging from neighborhood trees is yuck. hands reaching up out of "graves" in front yards, also yuck. i just generally don't like horror, even festive horror. i dunno. i probably take it too seriously. nevermind.

7- there was something else i was going to mention, but i forget what it was. oh well! guess i should get back to stuff, then.

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DM said...

mass-marketed anything is yuck.

In an ideal world, that is...