Friday, November 14, 2008


1- no artist info today again, i'm afraid.

2- no cupcake baking, either.

3- it's supposed to be 95 today :-O

4- i have posted two new things in my etsy shop. the theme for the past few months has been blank books, which i love making, but i also like to draw and sew and make cards. i've heard multiple times in the forums on etsy that sellers should narrow their field and work on one type of product. i think i've written about this before. so anyway, i'm working on some sewn bags right now, and they would look kind of odd pictured there in my shop with the books and random cards and drawings, so i'm wondering if i should open three other shops (which i believe is allowed) so that each shop is more streamlined. and it would be nice to sort of work on creating an image for each shop. i dunno.

i made these from pre-existing books that i got from a library book sale and gutted. then i replaced the old pages with white pages and now they're journals/sketchbooks. yay!

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Marli said...

I recently saw some bags/purses that were old books, gutted, lined with cloth, and with a zipper or clip at the top and then a handle attached. Pretty cool! I thought of you. My roommate says she'll show me how to make one for myself, if I can just find an old book good enough that I want to carry it around but not so good that I want to save it intact.