Tuesday, November 11, 2008

m. c. escher

m. c. escher (1898-1972)- the famed dutch artist known primarily for his "impossible structures". here are some favorite images that may be a little less well-known (please visit the official escher website, which is where i "stole" these images from). the one on the left is "prickly flower" and the one on the right is "three worlds".

...well, i've been sitting here for some time just staring at the screen, so i think i'm just going to go do some work now. cheers!

...ok wait. i'm doing this this year (finally!) and just got the list of people i'll be sending to and receiving from. soooooo exciting- they used a website to randomly assign people to a group of eleven (and with 434 people participating i'm not surprised!), and i think i may be one of the lucky ones to have a group with five non-US-ers. two from montreal, one from the uk, one from japan and one from iceland! fun! now i just have to figure out what i'm going to make and make ten of them before december 10. guess i'd really better get to work now.

bye now.

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