Friday, November 21, 2008

1. i have just recently finished some small bags. they have pretty, shiny beady designs on one side and are made from a wool sweater i got from goodwill and felted (a simple magic trick- put a wool sweater in a hot wash and then dry it hot, too, and you get felt! it's very similar to sticking regular bread in the toaster and then magically getting toast in just a few minutes). i had to photograph myself (YUCK) in order to convey to potential buyers just how cool and hip they'd be if they bought one of them. luckily, my house's backyard is pretty and you can't see the inkstains on those jeans from the angles at which i took the pictures, so they turned out ok.

2. dance lessons have been awesome! slightly awkward, but awesome. did i mention that this was a birthday present from my fiance? yay bart! thanks again :)

3. i posted a while ago about a holiday ornament swap i'm a part of this year. i finally figured out what i'm going to make, and made the first one yesterday. it took four and a half hours. basically, i'm making the little beady medallions like the ones on those purses - exactly like those, actually. in fact, the beady things were originally marketed as ornaments, but no one wanted to buy them and i could in no way sell at a price that would fairly compensate me for my time. making the bags didn't take long, and people, i hope, will be more comfortable spending $40+ on something much more practical than just a hang-y thing. anyway, i'm going to repeat the same pattern that i used in the first ornament i made yesterday, so hopefully i can get faster and faster at making them.

4. one more thing about etsy- i had a sale yesterday! hooray, and thank you dear buyer! i think i'm going to make some more paperback journals with the kanji designs at some point soon. those are pretty unique.

5. happy friday!!!


Bart said...

nice placement of the ring in the modeling photo. :)

Courtney said...

yuck? you are gorgeous!!
now stop that :)