Wednesday, November 5, 2008

eyvind earle

big changes coming up here in the u.s. of a! kind of exciting....hopefully. i am also generally pleased with the outcomes thus far of various california propositions- more bond measures than i'd hoped for are passing, which may not be so good, but anyway, enough about politics (sorry).
eyvind earle- not quite certain how i stumbled upon his work in the first place, but i love it. (sorry, i hate having giant chunks of pictures stuck in a body of text, but i don't think blogger has a lot of options when it comes to page layout.)

as you can see, he does beautiful, expansive landscapes as well as delicate and intricate close-up images. the use of color is amazing, and i love the way he stylizes nature. with the landscape, you can kind of see similarities to the cartoony style of animation in the mid-1900s, and this is valid, i think, because he did indeed do a bit of work for disney- "sleeping beauty" was one of his projects (this claim is, in fact, supported by what i just read in wikipedia). maybe that's why i like "sleeping beauty" so much...
tune in tomorrow to see a sampling of work by another artist i admire, part three in a spontaneous series of undetermined length which probably won't be very informative, but will give you a very good idea of the kind of art i would like to own/collect, in case you ever find yourself in need of buying me something awesome. :)

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