Monday, November 3, 2008

i was going to go to bed now, but...

i remembered that i wanted to post these images by kay nielsen:

they are pretty! nielsen (i think that's the spelling) was an illustrator in the early 1900's. wikipedia just informed me that he was danish. i wish i could draw like that! love the flat, highly stylized um, style. reminds me of (aubrey) beardsley and (harry) clarke, but softer and more fluid. i also think the use of color is better than in a lot of clarke's work, and from what i've seen, nielsen's subjectmatter is considerably less bizarre than beardsley's (thank goodness). anyway! tomorrow i will show you a picture of how i wish i could paint. perhaps several examples, actually.
this is a pointless exercise, perhaps, but i am the dictator and you my captive audience :) now look at the pretty pictures, and be glad i have thus far resisted the temptation to share certain lolcats that i find amusing :)
ok. goodnight. big day tomorrow.........................

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