Wednesday, November 12, 2008

too funny to not post right this second...

ok, i might get in trouble for doing this (though why would i? i dunno- i'm just paranoid), but i found this picture on facebook in the albums of a distant friend of mine. it cracked me up. i had to share.

the caption is, "guess which one just got back from peru?" (hehehehesnickergigglesnicker). if you're like me, you start at the left side of the image, survey the numerous very white faces, start to wonder what the heck they're talking about....and then BAM! ahhh...classic.

speaking of ahhhh...i like times new roman way more than georgia or whatever the heck i've been using all this time.

what does trebuchet look like, again? hmmmm...not bad.

lucida grande? hmmm...

verdana? ooh. ick. well, maybe it's better than arial, which isn't so bad...i just...meh. i think it's bedtime.

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